• Would you shut up, man?

    Waiting for the debate to start I decided to make a cartoon of the two candidates, so here is my contribution to the dumpster fire that is the political landscape in the USA. In Norway we say on Election Day «godt valg!» It’s just like saying happy 4th of July on Independence Day however I don’t think Americans can participate in a civil election this year. I think this debate proved that it’s not about contributing to a democratic process but just about winning. When finding the right path for a country you need Republicans, Democrats and independents to cooperate so that all facets of society can live the best life that America can offer. Listening to what your political opponents have planned for the country in a debate does not mean that you agree with the plan however it could give you an insight to what has to be done to find a common ground. When you listen to your opponents you can find out what results your opponents want to achieve so that you can engage the whole country with your plan.

    Cartoon of two presidential candidates.

    What we saw in the debate today was just two candidates shouting out talking points that will not move the country in a direction that unifies the different communities towards a common goal. Instead of shouting down the person you are disagreeing with try rather to find the common goal both want to achieve. Knowing what the other side wants to achieve eliminates the undertone that your opponent wants to harm your way of life.

    Although these are rational points I don’t think ´merica is ready to listen. When the President asks their supporters to “stand down and stand by” you don’t want to unify but rather show the divide.

    Good luck `merica, you’ll need it!

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