Hi! I’m a boy that lives in Oslo that loves to take photos.

Markus is a Partner Success Agent (KAM) at Miinto💼, an online platform for fashion👠. Markus has previously been the general manager of Kveitemjøl🥐, a bakery that produces gluten-free flour and baked goods. He has also been the general manager of Espresso House☕️, a coffee chain with over 400 cafes in the Nordic region. Markus has also worked as an Installation Coordinator and he has worked as a Customer Support Representative for Telia☎️ (formerly GET), which is a telecommunications provider. Markus has an International Baccalaureate from the International School of Tanganyika in Tanzania from 2007 to 2009👨🏼‍🎓. His partners name is Stian❤️

About the blog

Markus is a blog that documents an individual’s journey with regular quadrilateral images and thoughts expressed in text form. Don’t forget to follow me on:


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