Super Mario Maker 2 Speed Run (Video)

I played som Super Mario Maker 2 and right now I am playing the Story Mode. You have to play levels to earn money so that you can rebuild your castle. In this level you have to reach the goal within 30sec and you have to hit the on/off switches so that you pass the…

Close-Up Competition #TGCloseup

As a photographer it can sometimes be hard to find ideas of picture to take. To get ideas I follow different assignments from professional photographers. I recommend follow Chris Marquardt on Flickr and The Tech Guy group. Here are my contributions for this week.

Markus har en mening!

«Men hovedpoenget er at jeg mener at hvis du klarer å bære fram ett, så bør du også klare å bære fram to.»  Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, KRF. Høyre, FRP, Venstre og KrF har nå dannet en ny regjering i Norge og blitt enig om en regjeringsplattform som drar oss tilbake i tid. I den nye…

Cool view of London

I managed to capture a pretty cool picture of London on our way to Heathrow from Tokyo. What do you think?

I am still running!(updated 30.09)

Update 30.09: Added last run. About a week ago I decided to start training for a marathon next year. First I wanted to start strong with a training session every other day but this was too much. I have started running 3 times a week and the two first weeks I will run 3,5 km…

Oslo Pt.2(BW)

I have begun a new project that I am calling OSLO IN BLACK AND WHITE