Christmas update!

I have moved to a new apartment, I still live in Oslo but I have moved to another part of town. That means I have a whole new area to discover and I want to make a new vlog to show you the new area.

In 2019 I want to be even more creative, so that’s one of my resolution. So I want to have new theme everyday on my instagram stories. I am want to introduce Can’t Dance Tuesday’s! Leave a comment if you have any other suggestions.

In Norway we have forced military service. The military service is from when you are 19 until the year you turn 44 and for a total off 575 days, first you serve a full 12 months and then 4-8 days training every year. However if it is needed you can be called out for a mission and those days are not included in the service. In the middel of November USS Iwo Jima came to visit Oslo. My district got the mission to guard their outer perimeter. It was huge success!

I will be spending Christmas with my mom, dad and aunt. In Norway you usually either eat ribbe(ribs) or pinnekjøtt(lamb ribs). Some people also eat lutefisk but I am not a fan of that. My dad makes the best ribs, the most important part is the crispiness of the top bit. Have great Christmas everyone!

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