Struggling with writing a journal?

So I often give tips on new apps that I find usefull or fun and that I keep on using. I find it very relaxing to write a journal every day, it helps me reflect on my day. I often stop journaling when I have nothing to write about. That’s where Reflectly makes journaling really easy. It seems like many companies throw around the term AI and Reflectly is no exception but I don´t know how much AI is in the code. You often get the same questions that you got the day before, but the most important is the first question where it lets you elaborate on your day. Some of the questions you answer with feelings. The app tracks how your feeling and give you an insight into how you feel week by week or month by month. It is still a work in progress so the filter function does not work yet. I really recommend this app if you struggle with writing a journal.