My life in 2017 was a rollercoaster ride with so many highs and the worst lows I have ever had in my whole life. In 2018 I want to set a goal for myself to only have highs! To achieve this I need to make some changes in my life.

First – I am only going to think positive thoughts! That means that when I find myself in a negative situation I will react with positive thoughts, I am in control of my mind so this should be easy. This sounds very Zen-ish but I believe its doable.

Second – I am going to slowly remove the clutter in my life, I am going to become a minimalist!

Third – I will start appreciating the people in my life that want the best for me. That means I will need to put off time for meeting people in my life. I know my work schedule so this will not be hard if I just put in the effort.

How do I become a minimalist?

First I need to find the stuff in my life that gives me value. I have way too many clothes, so the first step is to declutter my life. I have made a list of clothes that I will need. The rest of my closet will be put in the attic and after a month I will give it all away.

T-shirts – 3
Long sleeved t-shirt – 4
Sweaters – 4
Boxers – All
Socks –    All
Shorts – 1
Swimming/workout shorts – 1
Pyjamas – 1
Shirts – 4
Suits – 1
Blazer – 1
Shoes – 2
Work clothes – 2 black jeans
Jackets – 2

The second step is to remove the stuff that just fills my apartment. I have pictures and items that give me value so I will keep this. Stuff that just clutters my life is, for example, the original iPad and computer speakers that I have never used.

I am going to update my blog and make videos of the process maybe someone will find some inspiration and make the same changes.