Whats your hobby? 

I find that having a hobby keeps me motivated and stress-free. Right now I am really into cooking. I find it difficult going to the super marked because you are always bombarded with advertisement and to be honest ads really work on me. So when I leave the super marked I have changed to something really easy to make, like hot dogs, because I am just so stressed out. I have also picked up 20 articles that I really don’t need. However, I have found a website called Kolonial which has the same prices and deliver either to your door or to a pick-up point. Which means I can just pick-up my products after work with no extra queues or hassle. After a long day at work which for me mostly consists of standing and walking around, its really relaxing to know that all I have to do is take the ingredients out of the refrigerator and start cooking, which I love.
I suggest that everyone find a hobby and do their best to make time for it because it really helps structure our lives to the better in my opinion. 

Have a great friday!